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01 - The Quest

The song "The Quest" is about the night when dark creatures came out of their caves and abducted "The Queen of White" and several villagers from Cravenhall. Even the horn of the watchtower sounded which only sounded every decade. Together the brave warriors of the village set out to go into the screaming depths of the creatures and fight against them. An Elvish chant before the last chorus will give the warriors' courage.

02 - The Last Stand

The song "The Last Stand" describes how the heroes of Cravenhall went out and defeated the enemies with the help of the sun. Since they were not allowed to go directly to the forest, their way over the mountains was "Neyer" that was the hills near the realm of the evil King Valen.

This should not be an easy way. They had to cross a narrow path at the edge of the mountains.

03 - Holy Firestorm

The song Holy Firestorm is about the cohesion of the citizens of Cravenhall. They hear the battle cry and prepare for the fight. As a weapon the staff, sword and bow are taken and marched together. The warriors can hear the night scream and enter the gate to their fate. The warriors Cravenhalls unleash their power together and create a Holy Firestorm as a weapon against the enemy. With the exclamation "Cross your magic swords - bundle your power", they will bring down the mountains of your enemies. After the collapse and victory over the enemies comes a quiet part in which a warrior remembers the past and remembers that his king has led them through several battles and it is the one he trusts and wants to follow forever. The warriors have summoned the Holy Firestorm through their mighty chants and brought the mountain to collapse.

04 - Hordes of Draenor

A Song about the film "Warcraft - The Beginning".

  1. 01. A Bards Tale Pt. I – The Quest 0:18
  2. 02. A Bards Tale Pt. II – The Last Stand 0:18
  3. 03. A Bards Tale Pt. III – Holy Firestorm 0:18
  4. 04. Hords Of Draenor 0:18