1. 01. A Bards Tale Pt. I – The Quest 0:18
  2. 02. A Bards Tale Pt. II – The Last Stand 0:18
  3. 03. A Bards Tale Pt. III – Holy Firestorm 0:18
  4. 04. Hords Of Draenor 0:18

EP – Heroes of Cravenhall

The Heroes of Cravenhall are a group of menlike Gods or Halfgods. Warrior, Paladine, Wizard, Smith (Forger), Forestgod (Changeling, the Wood, A stag, A human). They dwell on the lands around Cravenhall. In the middle of the night the dark Varks abduct all the villagers children and take them on the back of a dragon to their deep dungeons. Why this going to happen will be revealed in the novel about the songs.