Our Band

A not so long time ago Marcel Winkler had an Idea. He wanted to make music but not just music, but a whole saga behind it. Ideas where gathered and brought to paper. So the start has been made, but something important was missing.MusicMarcel took all of his knowing about the Story and turned it into music. Soon some basic structures were made. Marcel decided to talk about it with his friend Stephan.

Stephan heard that vibe was there but instantly had some ideas how it could be taken everything on step further. Both where on the same wavelength and they started creating the first Songs.Because the power was missing in the lower frequencies they needed support.

Soon a talented bass player was found and they invited Max Macharovsky.

Marcel and Stephan realized real fast, that he was fitting perfectly and so helped creating the fat sound in the recordings.To resemble the pounding War-Drums Oliver Kraus was invited. He instantly had some great Ideas and was very fast a part of the Saga. Cravenhall was now complete.







You want to know how it all started? Well, sit down and listen carefully. It all started, like most things, with an idea, a thought, a spark in the darkness.

This idea is about telling a story, but not just any story and also not told somehow, but legend of Cravenhall.

Not so long ago the singer Marcel Winkler had a vision of a village behind the mountains, deep in the woods, inhabited by heroes and invaded by all sorts of dangers and enemies. He would tell this story to everyone they wanted to hear.

In 2017, he sat down with his buddy and rhythm guitarist Stephan Bates and the two pondered and considered how to turn this world into a wonderful audible experience. The first audible pillars were captured and the story began to take shape.

A whole year passed and the two noticed that there was a lack of color and other textures. Short hand bassist Max Macharowski and drummer Oliver Kraus were taken on the journey.

The story became more and more colorful and captivating, but now it needed fine-tuning. In the middle of the year the group sought support from mixer and producer Ali Lionett and got it. Here the contours were honed and the work was initially completed.

However, the group had the feeling that it was not yet complete. After some searching, lead guitarist Bernard "Berny" Brück joined the band in early 2019.

The ensemble was complete.

Now the world can experience Cravenhall.